Catch Point magazine

Catch Point is a full colour 40 page magazine, published six times a year by the National Railway Museum.

The magazine features news and articles on local railway operations, and stunning photography from locations all across the state, along with up to date information on the activities of the National Railway Museum and SteamRanger Heritage Railway.

The magazine is available for purchase from the museum's bookshop, with a yearly subscription included with every museum membership. For enquiries relating to retail sales and advertising, please contact the museum.


The production method of Catch Point has changed. All photographic submissions are to be sent direct to the NRM. Contributors are asked to:

  • Send high quality colour transparencies, colour prints or black and white prints (suitably protected) to:
    P.O. Box 3153, Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015.
  • Send a CD with a maximum of 15 high resolution images to:
    P.O. Box 3153, Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015.
  • Email high resolutions images as attachments (no more than 3 per email), to a maximum of 15 images to:

Those wishing to supply images from digital cameras are asked to set the camera at the highest resolution and save the image at the highest quality setting. The RAW file format is preferred.

Please supply the original file downloaded from the camera, opening an image on a PC is likely to attach an inferior profile to the image. Please refrain from manipulating the image. If the image needs to be altered, it is likely to be substandard (may we suggest a quick revision of the camera manual?).

Catch Point magazine cover and article Catch Point magazine photography