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Posted: Fri 24/03/2017

SALE book "Tales from A Railway Odyssey" by Keith A Smith


The Shop has managed to get a small supply of this book: "Tales from A Railway Odyssey" by Keith A Smith

Hard cover - 7 only in stock at $15

Soft cover - 20 in stock at $10

Keith A Smith A.M., O.B.E., B.E, was born at Orange, NSW, in 1915 and was employed as an Apprentice Fitter and Turner at the Eveleigh Railway Workshops in Sydney. He was named as Apprentice of the Year in 1934 and in  1936 was awarded two scholarships........... During the war years he was associated the Beaufort aircraft production and became Deputy works Manager of the Australian Cruiser Tank Project......he was appointed Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Commonwealth Railways........ In 1960 he became Commissioner of the Comonwealth Railways ....... He retired in 1981...  

 » SALE_Shop_Book_Tales_from_A_Railway_Odysey.pdf  [1.2MB]

Posted: Tue 14/03/2017

SALE mug and stubbie holder

 » SALE_Shop_mug_and_stubbie_holder.pdf  [305kb]

Posted: Fri 10/02/2017

Party in the Cafe Car


 » Cafe_Car_for_parties.pdf  [942kb]

Posted: Fri 27/01/2017

2017 Event and Exhibition Diary


 » Program_2017_Events.pdf  [163kb]
 » Program_Exhibitions_2017.pdf  [161kb]

Posted: Fri 27/01/2017

2017 Steampunk Artist Registration Form


Artists and crafts people are now invited to register their 3D art for the 2017 Steampunk Exhibition, which will be held as part of SALA this year.



 » Steampunk_Derailed_information_for_artists_2017.pdf  [405kb]

Posted: Tue 1/11/2016

NRM Signal Post News letter


We have decided that the Museum needs a Newsletter so please welcome ‘The Signal Post’. It is intend that we publish this news letter bi monthly. It will be published on the non Catch Point months. This will be a medium  to let you know what is going on at the Museum. It will not be an exhaustive newsletter but it will be full of very interesting “what’s going on” news.


 » Edition_#_1_-_Signal_Post.pdf  [1.3MB]
 » Edition_2_-_Signal_Post.pdf  [1.11MB]
 » NRM_Signal_Post_Edition_3_-_20_February_2017.pdf  [277kb]

To be advised

» Become a member or volunteer

»NRM Charter for the Board  (.PDF/141kb)


»NRM Inc Constitution 2014  (.PDF/633kb)

»Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct   (.PDF/605kb)

»emergency plan nrm part1  (.PDF/2.98MB)

»emergency plan nrm part2  (.PDF/3.99MB)

»emergency plan nrm part3  (.PDF/1.92MB)

»Archives Information and Research Charges   (.2014.219.PDF/465kb)

»Dispute Grievance and Harassment Policy and Procedure  (.PDF/153kb)

»Handbook Volunteer 2015 booklet  (.PDF/2.1MB)

»To Arrange Viewing of NRM Rail Safety Documentation   (.PDF/192kb)

»Security Management Plan 2011 13 (Final PDF Version)  (.PDF/1.16MB)

»NRM Strategic Plan  (.PDF/3.09MB)

»Annual Report 2015-2016  (.PDF/2.91MB)

»457mm Gauge Railway Safety Management Plan  (.2012.109_(4SMP-AM-SMP)_2016.PDF/163kb)

»457mm Railway Safeworking Procedures - Pt Adelaide   (.2012.111_2016.PDF/982kb)

»457mm Railway Drivers Duties - Pt Adelaide  (.2012.113_(4SMP-OD-D3&D4)_2016.PDF/139kb)

»457mm Railway Safeworking Procedures - Semaphore  (.2016.318__2017.PDF/862kb)

»457mm Railway Drivers Duties - Semaphore  (.2016.328_(4SMP-OD-D3S&D4S)_2017.PDF/143kb)

»457mm Railway Guards Duties - Semaphore  (.2016.329_(457SMP-OD-G3S)_2017.PDF/143kb)

»457mm Railway Guards Duties - Pt Adelaide  (.2012.112_(4SMP-OD-G3)_2016.PDF/139kb)

»Rail Safety Management System 2017  (.PDF/1.42MB)