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Posted: Sat 24/06/2017

SALA Steampunk Exhibition, 1 August – 3 September 2017

The National Railway Museum is hosting 13 emerging and established artists during our SALA Steampunk exhibition this year. The Steampunk inspired art exhibition includes sculpture, photography, jewellery and textiles created by established and emerging artists. The exhibition will also be running during the Museum’s Steampunk weekend event, taking place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August 2017.

Images: Mark Richards, Steampunk Locomotive. David Archer, Uncomfortably Numb. Shane Bevin, Tardigrades. Images copyright the artists 2017.









Posted: Mon 10/07/2017

Signal Post News Letter

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Posted: Sat 12/08/2017
Please note: the screening of Maurice's Symphony on Saturday night 19 August has been cancelled. Sorry for the disappointment.

Posted: Wed 12/07/2017

Orient Express Reproductions

1917 - 2017 Centenary TRANSUSTRALIA Carriage


 » Shop_TAR_carriage.pdf  [399kb]

Posted: Sat 8/04/2017

Release of our new Vintage Line - ceramic mugs

Engraved illustration - five engines billowing coloured smoke - red, green, yellow, aqua and purple. Wrap around design

SAR logo, design is duplicated - front and back

$9.50 Each



 » Shop_mugs_SAR_and_Engraved_loco.pdf  [628kb]

7:30PM Friday 22nd September

West Adelaide Football Club
57 Milner Road Richmond

This is the Annual General Meeting of NRM. Various annual reports will be tabled. After the business section, Member Geoff Doecke will present a slide show of local and interstate rail activity from 1990 to 2001. This will include the Millennium Aurora Tour of south-west Victoria.

Please come along and have a meal first in the Bistro...from 6pm. Good variety of food at good prices. Members and non-members all welcome.

» Become a member or volunteer

»NRM Charter for the Board  (.PDF/141kb)


»NRM Inc Constitution 2014  (.PDF/633kb)

»Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct   (.PDF/605kb)

»emergency plan nrm part1  (.PDF/2.98MB)

»emergency plan nrm part2  (.PDF/3.99MB)

»emergency plan nrm part3  (.PDF/1.92MB)

»Archives Information and Research Charges   (.2014.219.PDF/465kb)

»Dispute Grievance and Harassment Policy and Procedure  (.PDF/153kb)

»Handbook Volunteer 2015 booklet  (.PDF/2.1MB)

»To Arrange Viewing of NRM Rail Safety Documentation   (.PDF/192kb)

»Security Management Plan 2011 13 (Final PDF Version)  (.PDF/1.16MB)

»NRM Strategic Plan  (.PDF/3.09MB)

»Annual Report 2015-2016  (.PDF/2.91MB)

»457mm Gauge Railway Safety Management Plan  (.2012.109_(4SMP-AM-SMP)_2016.PDF/163kb)

»457mm Railway Safeworking Procedures - Pt Adelaide   (.2012.111_2016.PDF/982kb)

»457mm Railway Drivers Duties - Pt Adelaide  (.2012.113_(4SMP-OD-D3&D4)_2016.PDF/139kb)

»457mm Railway Safeworking Procedures - Semaphore  (.2016.318__2017.PDF/862kb)

»457mm Railway Drivers Duties - Semaphore  (.2016.328_(4SMP-OD-D3S&D4S)_2017.PDF/143kb)

»457mm Railway Guards Duties - Semaphore  (.2016.329_(457SMP-OD-G3S)_2017.PDF/143kb)

»457mm Railway Guards Duties - Pt Adelaide  (.2012.112_(4SMP-OD-G3)_2016.PDF/139kb)

»Rail Safety Management System 2017  (.DOCX/1.04MB)