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Posted: Mon 10/07/2017

Signal Post News Letter

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Posted: Wed 12/07/2017

Orient Express Reproductions

1917 - 2017 Centenary TRANSUSTRALIA Carriage


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7:30PM Friday 24th November

Westonian Lounge (upstairs)
West Adelaide Football Club
57 Milner Road Richmond

To celebrate the Centenary of the opening of the Trans Australian Railway from Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie, which occurred during various events held in October 2017, Bob Sampson will present a power point presentation of images from the various events ie at the TAR Centenary Cocktail Party at NRM on 13 October, at the monument unveiling ceremony at Ooldea on 17 October, and at Port Augusta on 22 October - the centenary of when the first passenger train departed for Kalgoorlie. Also as a highlight will be the screening of a digitalised DVD of a Super 8 colour film made by Bob in 1975, of a journey from Adelaide to Perth - lots to see in this 35 minute film of the period!

And, come first for a meal in the WAFC Bistro from 6pm....great menu at good prices....

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