Some of our volunteer train crew
Become a volunteer

To keep its doors open to the public, the museum relies on volunteers!

Volunteering at the museum is a great way to make new friends and learn new skills. Jobs vary enormously - it's not all backbreaking track work, or driving and firing steam locos; some of the tasks are quite simple and enjoyable. Even though some jobs may seem quite trivial, no one should ever look at the job being unimportant! All jobs in a voluntary based organisation are vital, and any contribution, big or small, is appreciated.

Prior to Members and Volunteers participating in on-site activities, each are required to submit a National Police Certificate, also referred to as a 'police check', to the Chairman or Vice Chairman. These certificates will be treated as ‘confidential’ and will be returned to the Member or Volunteer.

Current Positions Vacant

Below is a list of current volunteer positions the Museum is targeting. If you feel you could assist, please contact the museum.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

The following list below is just a simple cross section of the types of jobs and work that can be undertaken at the museum. Please remember the jobs listed do not require any special qualifications - mainly a bit of training and common sense:

 » Exhibit maintenance (dusting, cleaning windows, restoration work)
 » Book shop sales
 » Archival work
 » Tour guides
 » Track work
 » Data entry and mailouts
 » Ticket conductor or guard

Specialised talents, for example qualified trades (plumbing, electrical, boiler making, carpentry, mechanical etc) and administrative duties (finance, marketing, promotional, IT) are highly regarded.

So if you can spare some of your time, even if it is just a few hours here and there, please contact the museum.

Volunteers cleaning Budd railcar CB1

Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year award is aimed to acknowledge the less visible, unsung heroes in our Museum who have, through their creativity, initiative, personal time or attainments, made a positive contribution to the National Railway Museum.

Nominations for this award must be in writing describing the volunteer’s work which paints a picture of the nominee’s contribution to the museum.


  • Outlines special or outstanding features of their voluntary work. This person does not necessarily have to volunteer on site but can also be a volunteer who works off site on behalf of the NRM.
  • Describes the depth of the nominee’s contribution, that is, how they have made a lasting impact on the museum with information on the significance of these achievements.

Nominations close by 30 September of each year. Nominations can be made by any member of the National Railway Museum in writing. Nominations will be considered by the Museum’s Awards committee.

The award will be $100.00 cash accompanied by a framed certificate.

Presentation of the Volunteer of the Year award will be made at the Volunteers Annual Christmas Dinner.

It is intended that the presentations are made by the Chairman.

Please complete the Volunteer of the Year award and forward it to either:

The Chairman or Vice Chairman, National Railway Museum, PO Box 3153 Port Adelaide SA 5015

» Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form